My name is Carla Smith and I began my dog walking & pet sitting business, Little Brown Doggie, in 2009.

I put a lot of work and effort into my website, which was online and viewable for approximately 9 -10 months prior to seeking Rachel’s assistance. During this time, I had no enquiries, which I was extremely disappointed about.

I wasted a lot of time during my first year delivering leaflets, and running after people with dogs, to no avail! After speaking to Rachel about my issues, she had a look at the codes for my website, and told me that my site contained virtually nothing that internet search engines could read or pick up on, and that all of my pages were virtually unfindable, even to people searching specifically for me?! She told me that the site would benefit greatly from application of her knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation.

I found the principles of SEO very difficult to understand at first but after explaining who I wanted to target, and the area that I wanted to cover, Rachel talked to me at length to find the ‘key words’ that my future potential customers might search for.

Rachel showed a real interest in my business, and her work has helped my business to grow enormously. As part of my initial consultation, I ask my customers how they found Little Brown Doggie, and they always say they found me through the website! I now have over 60 customers on my books, I approximate around 95% of these have come to me via the website.

I am now busier than ever, and actually have a ‘waiting list’ for new customers. I see Rachels work as an essential part of my business maintenance, and as an investment into the future of my business. She regularly does further work on the site targeting and improving it.


Carla Smith – Little Brown Doggie -Dog Walking & Pet Sitting for the Durham area



After my website was created by Rachel (Search Engine Optimiser) and once it was worked on to increase its online visibility; my website has raised its position on search engine listings dramatically, resulting in a big increase in calls to my business and subsequently increasing my amount of appointments in a big way. Once it was explained to me how online listings work, I realised the importance of having someone onboard who knows the technicalities and other important details that make the difference between a website that works extremely well and one that doesn’t. Her work is professional and extremely effective and essential to any business requiring the use of online promotion. Would highly, highly recommend her services.

Adam Wellwood, Coxhoe Chiropody, County Durham


To Whom it may concern.
Appletree garden services have been using Rachel Gatiss to run and maintain our website since it was created 18 months ago. It is our only way of creating work and interest as we don’t use any other ways to advertise.
We have been extremely happy with the work and commitment that we have received, and would say that at least 80% of our work comes from the contact section of our web page, the other 20% being word of mouth and recommendations.
We would not hesitate in recommending the service and value for money that Rachel offers.
Yours faithfully,

Andrew, County Durham


Throughout the whole creation of my website I was very pleased. Starting with talking about everything that could be offered and then the breakdown of how you would aim to target as many possible customers, was very impressive – but also easily understood. Upon seeing the final website design I was extremely happy with how it looked. The website was not a general set up and had a very personal touch. From the start, my website created interest and throughout the year I have generated many customers and enquiries around all aspects of gardening.

I would highly recommend your services. The website is a great tool for customers to find you but also a brilliant tool when talking in general to people as they can google you themselves and find you with ease at a later date.

Shayn Duck, Crown Imperial Garden Services, Stockton